Dan Brimly enjoyed the seclusion of space mining because it allowed him time to work on his inventions. His life takes a drastic turn when he takes a transport job for a corporate giant by the name of After All Inc.  Through a series of seemingly random and bizarre twists and turns, he briefly visits a place in the future he never would have expected. Now he must find a way to stop the corporate giant from stealing his inventions, and save billions of innocent lives in the process. Through this action packed adventure, new friendships are created, and a love interest is sparked.

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The Corma Incident

Dan Brimly and Maya Philips are stuck on Earth in the distant past. Someone has orchestrated their being there for a reason; to intercept and control the visitation of an Alien race…and prepare them for war. Dan and Maya must somehow meet the people of another world without interference from anyone, and then make it back home to their own time. Meanwhile, the crew of Dan’s cruiser class mining vessel turned war machine, the Broomer II, must search for the elusive organization, Lux, in an attempt to remove the threat on civilization. Join the adventure those in two different times and a separate timeline work together to secure the future of mankind.

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