Heath Owen lives and writes in Austin, Texas. As a tech head (for those who wondered), radio controlled off road racing vehicles are a form of entertainment along with a Ham Radio Operator’s license.


The Mission Anatolia Series is Heath’s first book series. Most of the characters in this series were created at the age of around 12 years old, and have evolved a bit over the years. The original story setting was a space city, and the story line was the drama of the character’s lives there. It was completely scrapped when the movie “Dark City” came out due to many simularities, but the characters were retained to take part in another story the author was toying with. Recently it was decided to put it on paper (so to speak). Book 3 of the series is in the works alongside several other projects. Book 1 of his new Series “Orbital City Falls” is currently available with plans on addition works in the same series.

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